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33 40 Black Size32 36 41 38 34 Blue Shoes 42 37 43 Women XDGG blue Red 35 39 Heeled 33 New High Single shoes The MCY Yachts are thought, designed and built to stand the test of time and go beyond trends and fads that come and go. We recognise that new standards of luxury are constantly being established and that responsibility, sustainability and character are increasingly important. We rise to the challenge of building each and every one of our motor yachts to be the best expression of luxury now and tomorrow. Our yachts are elegant but never overstated, innovative but noble; they are timeless classics, built today to sail well into tomorrow.

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At Monte Carlo Yachts we understand that there is no form without function, and no function without form: for a boat to be beautiful, it also needs to come from the best of processes. We are proud to claim an industry first in recreational sailing when we introduced a modular construction process inspired by Lean Manufacturing concepts derived from the most advanced industrial sectors. We pursue aesthetic quality and unmatched technical reliability whilst achieving high levels of productive efficiency. We eliminate waste and pursue perfection to deliver the highest attention to all aspects of boat building, from design and decor details to technical improvements to on-board systems. Our revolutionary approach has received an Industrial Design Association award in recognisance of our research in technology and construction.

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Every one of our models is unique because it is built around the dreams of its owner. The boat owners’ wishes are at the centre of the production process every step of the way, and we can’t imagine how it could be done any differently. We don’t aim to meet our customer’s expectations, we aim to take those expectations to the next level.

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